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Every day, you deal with annoying and invasive junk mail that clogs your mailbox and recycling bin, unwanted phone calls that drive you crazy, and SPAM emails that clutter your inbox and often seek to steal your identity. It's maddening and frustrating, and we've had enough.

The Privacy Council was founded by marketers who are committed to protecting consumer privacy and who refuse to use invasive and wasteful marketing techniques. We put our dedication to work by offering a low-cost List Removal Service that takes consumers like you off of many junk mail and telemarketer call lists.

Every year, 100 million trees are cut down just to make the junk mail we get each day.

Americans spend 70 hours of our time each year dealing with junk mail - That's almost 3 full days!

Each year, identity thieves steal information from millions of Americans, often by using phishing emails or even sifting through trash for credit card offers and other sensitive information.

Privacy Council's List Removal Service is how we fight back against these issues. Sign up below and see what a difference it can make to your junk mail pile, the environment and your peace of mind!

Privacy Council's List Removal Service is currently unavailable for new sign-ups while we work to improve our system and take the next steps toward evolution of our service. Please check back soon to see if new sign-ups have become available!

(If you wish to cancel your existing Privacy Council service, please email Erica at erica@privacycouncil.org.)

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